Ability to format dates

DocuGen currently inserts dates in an international format like 2022-06-23. We need the ability to have DocuGen insert dates in a variety of formats, such as 23/6/2022 or 6/23/2022 or 23 June 2022. This is currently only possible through a workaround by using a formula column that re-formats the date as desired.

Have to vote for this one. Not so much for me, I am used to that date format! The people who I am sending these too however, are not so fond of it. It is great to have the international date format for imbedding right into the file name, but having it easier to read by others is (to me) the whole reason to be using DocuGen.

If this was attached to the Settings->Document format with some drop-downs of options, I think it would really help.

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Hi Bill,

Thank you for voting for this feature. Your feedback about adding this to the settings is indeed a wonderful suggestion!

Rest assured that your suggestion is being heard by the team!