Add support for formula columns that refer to other formula columns ('nested' formulas)

DocuGen currently does not support formula columns that refer to other formula columns, also known as ‘nested’ formulas. Oftentimes, a formula will refer to another formula. Support for the generation of this data would be welcomed.

There are several use cases where this would be very handy. I can’t effectively use DocuGen for Risk Assessments because they contain formulas generated from various data points in the pulse. Being able to capture the output (result) of the formula at the time of generating the document to send in the object for processing would be very handy.

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Thanks Bill - Sami here, DocuGen founder. I can tell you that we’re working on overall improvements to the way DocuGen handles formulas, including support for nested formulas - ETA end of summer.

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Happy to let our community know that we have been supporting nested formulas for the last few months. We’ve had ups and downs, but we’re continuously resolving special cases that are raised to our support team. I will close this topic, but if you have suggestions or issues, feel free to open another thread on the community.