Additional parameters for integration recipe

How can we add some logic to the integration? Like a single button that will generate a document based on the data on the dropdown/status column. For example: when this button is clicked and status is this, generate document using settings from this view.

Yes - exactly this!

One of the things I track in monday are meetings: agendas, minutes and trainings. (It is easy to copy the agenda into a meeting, and add the notes and make a few changes rather than re-creating the whole doc. I was never good at the whole note-taking thing!)

Currently we can have separate integrations linked to changing the “status” to match the desired document, but then I have to make all the changes I want/need before changing the status. It would be great to be able to set it up as the correct doc type, and then click a button that would see what the “status” was and then generate the correct document from the template.

Being able to use a button would also allow for the change from using a “status” column to a Label column, which would make more “sense.”