Additional placeholders for user details - Name, Title, Mobile & Email

When using DocGen for creating proposals and project reports, as a user I want to be able to code out the user full details which is currently limited.

This means the purpose of DocGen is not fully realised as basic data needs to be manually edited for each document.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Cath_Perry ! You might know that DocuGen already has placeholders for the user name, email, phone, and profile pic – more details here:

However, we don’t have placeholders for the title. We’ll add this to our roadmap.

We would appreciate a placeholder to add Title (from My Profile) to documents. This would certainly add value for us.

Thank you @Paul_Flood ! I’ve added this to our product backlog. I can’t make any promises on a specific timeline, but I will let you know once we have an update.

@Paul_Flood @Cath_Perry I am happy to let you know we added a placeholder for the user’s title:

Of course this is in addition to the user placeholders we already support, such as <<user_name>>