Conference Name Badge

Hi there

I am interested to find out whether docugen could replace a tool like

Basically I need docugen to be able to:

  1. Design a custom size name badge template (double-sided and 2-up per a4 page)
  2. Mail-merge from into the template
  3. generate a PDF with all badges to send to printer

Is this achievable?

Hi @Ashley_V

Unfortunately, Iā€™m not familiar with the use or how to use

However, please allow me to give you some insights into what DocuGen does.

  1. DocuGen is a document generator exclusively for
  2. DocuGen can generate documents using data from the board.

Should you wish to try DocuGen, please check this Get Started Video.

Some more features of DocuGen are:

  • Manual or automated document generation
  • Use your own templates
  • Generate your document in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Hope the information helps.

Thank you!

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