Customize outgoing emails sent from DocuGen

When documents are sent from DocuGen by email, there isn’t currently an option to customize the email. Instead, the content is generic with the document attached. Adding the functionality to edit the subject line, email body, and branding would make it easier to send documents with more context.

This would be amazing and I would give Docugen more money because of it.

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Just wanted to bump this thread, this sort of feature can make or break a workflow, especially in an environment like Monday

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That would definitely be a big improvement! Our costumers sometimes delete the mails because the subject sounds like spam to them - so we would be very grateful for a customize option :slightly_smiling_face:!

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Yes. A way to auto send the document template, not as an attachment, but as the actual email would be a great option. We’ve created a separate “Admin” account for Monday so they don’t appear as much like junk mail.


Hi @Lesslie - Sami here, founder of DocuGen. I am interested to better understand what you mean by sending the document ‘not as a template, but as the actual email’. How should the email containing the generated document look like from the perspective of the recipient if not ‘as an attachment’?

Es fundamental para una empresa poder definir el asunto y el cuerpo del correo al enviar un presupuesto.

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Agreed, way over due and would be a great enhancement. We are currently a ‘standard’ user, and are considering moving all of our document generation needs to DocuGen, AND becoming a ‘enterprise’ user. Would definitely make the decision much easier.

Although we REALLY like the pdf attachment, a great option would be to have the pdf attachment AND the ‘document template’ in the body of the email (what @Lesslie is referring to). I have an example of this from another document generation provider, if you’d like me to send you an example. Let me know!

Apologies for the delayed response. Thanks for getting back to this! It has already been a huge improvement having DocuGen for our system.

From the recipient’s perspective, it would appear just as a typical email with the body of the email being the designed DocuGen template. To embed the template into the email. This way when the email is opened, the template would be the first thing see/read. Hope this makes sense.

Or, if the document still needs to be sent as an attachment, maybe the DocuGen user could design the email template that would explain the attachment and then send that along with the PDF attachment.

Hi @Josh sorry for the late reply. Would love it if you can send me the example – feel free to direct message me here…

Hi @Lesslie we’ve recently released custom email delivery that might be closer to what you are looking for:

Currently there are some limitations to this feature, notably:

  • Email body is limited to plain text (no formatting)
  • You can use your own email as the sender as long as it’s Gmail (personal or corporate.) We’re working on adding Microsoft emails soon

If you’re up for it, I am happy to jump on a call to better understand what you are looking for. Just let me know and I will drop you an email with my booking link.