Generate documents automatically on a recurring schedule

Requesting a specific DocuGen recipe stating ‘Every [Time Period] generate a document from [This] view’. We’d like to have documents generated at a specific time repeatedly.

I do have an integration that seems to be working:
2days before MeetingDate arrives, generate document using settings from Agenda view

Is this what you are looking for, or just the [Time Period] to be added specifically?

Hey @TheBillD - the title of the idea didn’t do it justice. This request is about being able to have DocuGen generate a document, say, every week or every month or every day, as opposed to generating a document once on a specific date. We currently don’t have this recurring capability and are looking at ways to make it possible

Thank you for the clarification. Yes, I can see where some would definitely have a use for [Every Monday] at [time] or another variation could be useful.

Lead calls, to-do lists, there are probably a ton that would be useful to have like a cron job.

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