Insert a specific column value from a subitem

When adding subitems to a document, DocuGen is currently able to insert the entire list of subitems as a table. However, there are times when just a single value from a subitem is required. Just like with main items, it would be great to have the ability to insert single value placeholders for subitems.

Even the table formatting of subitems doesn’t always work how you would like them to. It would be great to be able to specify the placement of subitems how you would like them to appear on the page without having to go through the process of downloading the doc, cleaning it up, and then uploading a new version of it, just to make it palatable.

There are already enough limitations on how we can display the data, and I work with many collaborators outside of the platform so exporting the data is the easiest way for them to view it.


This would be brilliant, hoping to see this soon!

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This is exactly what I need ! I can then use DocuGen to generate Proposal Documents based on chosen Sub Items (or ones with a specific Status etc). Please develop this :slight_smile:


I would also like to be able to create documents for specific subitems and not just tables.

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Agreed–this would allow me to use DocuGen for my company’s invoice workflows.

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Subitem table performance seems to have improved recently (which is much appreciated), but the ability to insert a specific column value from subitems has been a reoccurring request from my clients.

If this is possible, adding this functionality would unlock a lot of additional use cases for the tool!

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I couldn’t agree more, @Liam_Dale
We already have it on our roadmap to support inserting specific column values from subitems. It’s a high-priority feature, but I can’t promise any timeline for now.

I am thrilled to announce that DocuGen now fully supports subitems. Using the all-new DocuGen item view, you can now generate documents from specific subitems, including the ability to retrieve the values of specific subitem columns.
Check it out here: