Insert multiple subitem tables with different filtering options

We need the ability to insert multiple subitem tables into the document, each with its own set of filter conditions. For example, we create proposals for customers where we have many subitems. We would like to separate the subitems into two or three tables in our proposal document, where each table contains the subitems for a specific product.

Currently DocuGen allows users to include a table of subitems associated with a specific item using the <<subitems_header>> and <<subitems_body>> placeholders:

It also allows users to filter the subitems table based on specific criteria:

It would be great if DocuGen also allows us to create multiple subitem filters so that we can insert a different set of subitems in each table.

It would be fantastic to be able to create different sub-item tables. The tables could be Product Types, Service Types, etc.
Creating multiple filters would be excellent.