Move DocuGen views from one board to another

Currently, if you want to use the same DocuGen view settings on another board, you need to create a new DocuGen view and recreate the settings on the other board. It would be great if DocuGen views could be moved or duplicated from one board to another.

It seems that Docugen views will get replicated when you duplicate a board or when you create a board from a template that has Docugen views. However, the Docugen view settings as well as the integrations will not be replicated. You’ll just have a fresh Docugen view that you will have to re-fill again.

Hi @wonq33

We appreciate your feedback. Yes indeed, unfortunately, this is the behavior. You need to re-setup the settings of the DocuGen view. However, with regard to the integrations, they should be replicated on the board.

Thank you!